Biology, Physics, Code and Life

I am a doctoral candidate at the University of Freiburg in Biology.
I develop computational models to study pattern formation and self-organization in complex cellular systems.
Programming and Mathematics are to me not only a tool but also an exciting area of research.

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  • Physics of Life Conference
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    Physics of Life Conference

    This week I had the opportunity to participate at the Physics of Life conference in Harrogate (UK). The conference covers a wide variety of subjects, ranging from single […]

  • My Linux Experience

    My Linux Experience

    If you are part of the scientific community, you must have heard of Linux. This small post is not meant to capture everything good and bad or even […]

  • KjG Summer Camp

    KjG Summer Camp

    Back in 2007, I was first introduced to the summer camp of the KjG Wiesloch (Katholische Junge Gemeinde, community of young Catholics). The camp lasts for 2 weeks […]

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    Research Interests Teaching SS 2024 Theoretische Physik 3 (Tutor) WS 2023 Experimentalphysik 1 (Tutor) SS 2022 Einf├╝hrung in die Systembiologie (Tutor) WS 2021 Analysis 3 (Tutor) WS 2021 […]

  • Publications

    Papers 2023 Software 2023 cellular_raza – A cellular Agent-Based modeling tool which offers previously unknown flexibility in model design. 2022 FisInMa – A Tool that analyzes ODEs for […]

  • CV in My Words

    I was born in Heidelberg on Friday 30th of June in 1995. My parents must have been very excited since I was their first child although this excitement […]