Biology, Physics, Code and Life

I am a doctoral candidate at the University of Freiburg in Biology.
I develop computational models to study pattern formation and self-organization in complex cellular systems.
Programming and Mathematics are to me not only a tool but also an exciting area of research.

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  • Ownership in Rust – Yet another explanation

    Ownership in Rust – Yet another explanation

    Rust is a very popular programming language for many good reasons. It seems to fix many annoyances which people have with longstanding alternatives such as C++. On top […]

  • Mein geheimes Focaccia Rezept

    Mein geheimes Focaccia Rezept

    In der letzten Zeit wurde ich immer öfter nach meinem Focaccia-Rezept gefragt. Damit ich in der Zukunft nicht jedes Mal alles von vorne beschreiben muss kommt hier jetzt […]

  • iGEM 2023 – Grand Jamboree

    iGEM 2023 – Grand Jamboree

    Over the past months I was supervising and helping the current iGEM Team from Freiburg in their Journey towards the Grand Jamboree. This weekend, we finally had the […]

  • bwHPC Symposium 2023

    bwHPC Symposium 2023

    Today, I was at the bwHPC Symposium in Mannheim. I was curious to listen to interesting talks and get to know what other people are working on at […]

  • Creating Posters with typst

    Creating Posters with typst

    I recently came across a new typesetting system called typst. It is being developed by Martin Haug and Laurenz Mädje. It aims to modernize typesetting systems by introducing […]

  • Farewell KjG Summer Camp

    Farewell KjG Summer Camp

    (See german version below) I have decided to step back from actively participating in the organization surrounding the KjG Summer camp in Wiesloch for future events. This might […]

  • Scientific Computing in Rust 2023
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    Scientific Computing in Rust 2023

    Last week I attended the Scientific Computing in Rust 2023 virtual conference. The organizers put together a well-stirred mixture of talks covering a wide range of topics. It […]

  • First LEGO League

    First LEGO League

    During my years in school, I participated in the then very new First LEGO League. My brother and me were joining an already existing team, called the “SAP […]

  • iGEM 2023
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    iGEM 2023

    I am excited to share that I will be participating in this years iGEM competition as a supervisor. I will advise the students’ who are modeling their experimental […]

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    Research Interests Teaching SS 2024 Theoretische Physik 3 (Tutor) WS 2023 Experimentalphysik 1 (Tutor) SS 2022 Einführung in die Systembiologie (Tutor) WS 2021 Analysis 3 (Tutor) WS 2021 […]

  • Publications

    Papers 2023 Software 2023 cellular_raza – A cellular Agent-Based modeling tool which offers previously unknown flexibility in model design. 2022 FisInMa – A Tool that analyzes ODEs for […]

  • CV in My Words

    I was born in Heidelberg on Friday 30th of June in 1995. My parents must have been very excited since I was their first child although this excitement […]